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(pending lake)
(private lake) (4)
25 Mile Stream
3 Mile Pond (1)
Alamoosook Lake (1)
Allen Pond
Alligator Lake
Ambajejus Lake (1)
Androscoggin Lake
Androscoggin River
Annabessacook Lake (2)
Arnold Pond (1)
Aroostook River
Atlantic Ocean - Alley Bay (1)
Atlantic Ocean - Atkins Bay
Atlantic Ocean - Biddeford Pool
Atlantic Ocean - Birth Harbor
Atlantic Ocean - Boothbay Harbor
Atlantic Ocean - Cape Split Harbor
Atlantic Ocean - Casco Bay (1)
Atlantic Ocean - Chandler Bay
Atlantic Ocean - Chandler River
Atlantic Ocean - Cobscook Bay (1)
Atlantic Ocean - Dyer Bay
Atlantic Ocean - East Bay
Atlantic Ocean - Eggemoggin Reach
Atlantic Ocean - Englishman Bay (1)
Atlantic Ocean - Frenchmans Bay
Atlantic Ocean - Great Wass Island
Atlantic Ocean - Harpswell Sound
Atlantic Ocean - Harrington Bay
Atlantic Ocean - Holmes Bay (1)
Atlantic Ocean - Indian Cove (1)
Atlantic Ocean - Johnson Bay (3)
Atlantic Ocean - Little Kennebec Bay
Atlantic Ocean - Little Machias Bay
Atlantic Ocean - Machias Bay (1)
Atlantic Ocean - Morang Cove
Atlantic Ocean - North Duck Cove
Atlantic Ocean - Ocean Loon Point (3)
Atlantic Ocean - Passamaquoddy Bay
Atlantic Ocean - Pennamaquan Bay
Atlantic Ocean - Penobscot Bay
Atlantic Ocean - Pigeon Hill Bay (2)
Atlantic Ocean - Pinkham Bay
Atlantic Ocean - Pleasant Bay
Atlantic Ocean - Popham Beach
Atlantic Ocean - Saco Bay
Atlantic Ocean - Sanford Cove
Atlantic Ocean - South Bay
Atlantic Ocean - Taunton Bay
Atlantic Ocean - Tenny & Great Cove (2)
Atlantic Ocean - Union River Bay
Atlantic Ocean - Whiting Bay
Atlantic Ocean - Wohoa Bay
Atlantic Ocean - York Harbor
Aziscohos Lake
Back Pond - Five Kezar Ponds
Back River
Balch Lake
Barkers Pond
Barrow Lake
Bauneg Beg Pond Lake
Bear Lake
Bear Pond
Beaver Mountain Lake (2)
Beaver Pond
Beddington Lake (1)
Beech Hill Pond
Belgrade Stream (1)
Big Greenwood Pond
Big Indian Lake (2)
Big Indian Pond
Big Lake
Big Wood Lake
Biscay Pond
Black Hill Pond
Black Lake
Black Pond
Bog Brook
Bog Lake (1)
Bonny Eagle Lake
Bottle Lake (1)
Boyden Lake
Boyden Stream
Branch Lake (1)
Brandy Pond
Branns Mill Pond (1)
Brassua Lake (1)
Brettuns Pond
Brewer Lake
Bryant Pond
Bucks Harbor
Bunganut Pond
Burnt Pond
Cains Pond
Cambolasse Pond (2)
Canton Lake
Caribou Pond
Carrabassett River
Carrabassett Stream
Cathance Lake (2)
Cedar Lake (1)
Center Pond (2)
Chain of Ponds
Chamberlain Lake
Chandler River (1)
Chase Lake
Chauncey Creek
Chemo Pond (1)
Chesuncook Lake
Chickawaukie Lake
China Lake (5)
Clary Lake
Clearwater Pond (1)
Clemons Pond
Clifford Lake
Cobbosseecontee Lake (13)
Cobbosseecontee Stream (1)
Cobscook Bay - Hersey Cove
Cochnewagon Lake
Coffee Pond (1)
Cold Stream Pond (4)
Collins Pond
Conroy Lake
Crawford Lake
Crawford Pond
Crescent Lake (1)
Crooked River
Crotch Pond
Crystal Lake
Cupsuptic Lake (6)
Cupsuptic River
Daigle Pond
Damariscotta Lake (1)
David Pond (1)
Davis Pond
Deep Creek Lake
Deering Lake
Dennys River
Desert Pond
Dexter Pond
Dodge Pond (4)
Drake Lake
Drews - Meduxnekeag Lake (1)
Duck Lake (1)
Dumpling Pond
Eagle Lake
East Grand Lake (1)
East Machias River
East Musquash Lake (1)
East Pond (6)
East Pond Lake
Eastern River
Ebeemee Lake (3)
Echo Lake - Arroostook County
Echo Lake - Kennebec County
Echo Lake - Penobscot County (1)
Egg Pond
Elm Pond
Embden Pond
Eskutassis Pond (2)
Estes Lake
Fahi Pond
Farrington Pond
Fifteen Mile Stream
Filibrown Stream
Flagstaff Lake
Flanders Pond
Flying Pond (6)
Folsom Pond (2)
Forest Lake
Fox Pond (1)
Fulton Lake
Gammon Pond
Gardner Lake
Georges Pond
Goose Pond
Goulding Lake
Grace Pond
Graham Lake
Grand Falls Flowage (3)
Grand Lake
Grand Lake Matagamon
Grand Lake Stream
Grand Marsh Bay
Granny Kent Pond
Great East Lake (2)
Great Moose Lake (7)
Great Pond (30)
Great Pond Stream (2)
Green Brook Lake
Green Lake (1)
Green Pond
Gull Pond
Hadley Lake (2)
Hales Pond
Haley Pond
Hamilton Pond
Hancock Pond (5)
Heart Pond (1)
Hermon Pond (2)
Hicks Pond
Hidden Lake (1)
Highland Lake - Bridgton
Highland Lake - Windham (1)
Hilton Brook
Hobbs Pond (1)
Holden Pond
Horseshoe Lake - Penobscot County (1)
Horseshoe Pond - Franklin County
Horseshoe Pond - Kennebec County
Hot Brook Lake
Hound Brook Lake
Howard Lake (1)
Howard Pond
Hunter Brook (1)
Huntley Brook
Indian Lake
Indian Pond
Island Pond
Jackson Brook Lake (1)
Jewett Pond
Jordan River
Joys Pond
Jug Stream
Junior Lake (8)
Kenduskeag Stream
Kennebago Lake
Kennebec River (4)
Kennebunk Pond
Keoka Lake
Kezar Pond
Kimball Pond
Lake Anasagunticook
Lake Arrowhead
Lake Balch
Lake Christopher
Lake George
Lake Highland - Falmouth
Lake Keewaydin
Lake Kezar (1)
Lake Moxie
Lake Sebasticook
Lake Sherburne
Lake St. George
Lake Umbagog
Lake Wassookeag
Lake Wesserunsett
Lard Pond
Leech Brook
Lemon Stream
Lily Pond
Little Androscoggin River
Little Bear Pond
Little Burnt Pond
Little Duck Pond
Little Narrows Lake
Little Norridgewock Stream
Little North Pond
Little Ossipee Pond
Little Pond
Little Poverty Pond
Little Purgatory Pond
Little Pushaw Pond
Little River
Little River Cove
Little Seavey Lake (1)
Little Sebago Lake (2)
Locke Pond
Lone Pond
Long Lake - Aroostook County (1)
Long Lake - Cumberland County (1)
Long Lake - Lewy Lake
Long Pond - Hancock County (1)
Long Pond - Kennebec County (27)
Long Pond - Oxford County (1)
Long Pond - Penobscot County (8)
Loon Lake
Loon Pond
Love Lake (1)
Lovejoy Pond (1)
Lovewell Pond (1)
Lowell Lake
Lower Lead Mountain Pond
Lower Narrow Ponds
Lower Oxbrook Lake
Lower Patten Pond
Lower Pug Lake
Lower Shin Pond (2)
Lower Sysladobsis Lake
Lower Wilson Pond
Machias River
Madagascal Pond (2)
Magalloway River
Manhanock Pond (1)
Maranacook Lake (8)
Marks Lake
Marsh Stream
Martin Stream (2)
Mattakeunk Stream
Mattanawcook Lake (4)
Mattaseunk Lake
Mattawamkeag Lake
Mattawamkeag River (1)
McGrath Pond (5)
McWain Pond
Meddybemps Lake (1)
Medunkeunk Stream
Messalonskee Lake (6)
Messalonskee Stream
Middle Jo Mary Lake
Middle Range Pond
Mill Pond
Mill Stream
Millinocket Lake
Milton Pond
Minnehonk Lake
Mirror Lake
Mirror Pond
Mitchell Pond
Molasses Pond
Molunkus Lake
Molunkus Stream
Monson Pond
Moose Brook
Moose Pond (4)
Moose River
Moosehead Lake (10)
Moosehorn Brook
Mooselookmeguntic Lake (6)
Morrill Pond (1)
Mosher Pond
Mousam Lake (1)
Moxie Pond
Mt. Blue Pond
Narraguagus River
Nashs Lake
Nesowadnehunk Lake (1)
New Meadows River
Nicatous Lake
Nichols Pond
North Pond (6)
North Twin Lake
Northeast Pond
Norway Lake (1)
Notched Pond
Nubble Pond
Number 1 Pond
Number 3 Pond
Old Falls Pond
Orange Lake (2)
Otter Pond
Outlet Stream (1)
Panther Pond
Papoose Pond
Parker Pond (3)
Parmachenee Lake
Pattees Pond
Patten Pond
Peabody Pond (1)
Peep Lake
Pemadumcook Lake
Pemaquid Pond
Pendexter Brook
Pennamaquan Lake
Penneseewasee Lake (2)
Penobscot Bay
Penobscot River (1)
Pequawket Lake
Pettingil Pond
Phillips Lake (1)
Pickeral Pond - Cumberland County
Pickerel Pond - York County
Pine Springs Lake
Piper Pond
Piscataquis River
Pleasant Lake (1)
Pleasant Pond
Plunkett Pond
Pocasset Lake
Pocomoonshine Lake
Portage Lake
Porter Lake
Presumscott River
Pushaw Lake
Quantabacook Lake
Quimby Pond (1)
Rangeley Lake (9)
Raymond Pond
Richardson Lake
Ripley Pond (1)
Ripogenus Lake
Rock Haven Lake
Rocky Pond
Ross Pond
Round Pond - Franklin County
Round Pond - Oxford County
Round Pond - Penobscot County (1)
Sabattus Pond
Sabbathday Lake
Saco River - Lake
Saddleback Lake
Safford Pond
Salmon Falls River
Salmon Lake - Ellis Pond (3)
Salmon Lake Stream
Sand Pond
Sand Pond - Kennebec County
Sand Pond - Oxford County
Sandy Pond - Somerset County
Sandy River - Franklin County (2)
Sandy River - Kennebec County
Sandy River - Somerset County
Sandy River Ponds (1)
Saponac Pond (1)
Saturday Pond (1)
Schoodic Lake (2)
Sebago Cove (1)
Sebago Lake (36)
Sebasticook Lake (1)
Sebasticook River  (1)
Sebec Lake (1)
Second Davis Pond
Second Gardners Lake
Second Lake
Sennebec Lake
Serpentine Stream - East Pond
Seven Tree Pond
Shaker Pond
Sheepscot Lake
Sheepscot River (2)
Sibley Pond
Silver Lake (1)
Six Mile Lake
Smith Pond
Sokokis Lake
Songo Pond
Songo River
South Pond
South Twin Lake
Spaulding Lake - Aroostook County
Spaulding Pond
Spectacle Pond
Spednic Lake
Spring Brook Pond
Springy Pond
Spruce Creek
Square Lake
Square Pond (1)
St Froid Lake
St. Croix River
St. John River
Stanley Pond
Stearns Pond
Stevens Ponds
Stump Pond (1)
Sturgeon Creek
Swan Lake
Swan Lake - York County (1)
Symmes Pond
Sysladobsis Lake
Taylor Pond (1)
Tea Pond
The Heath
Thomas Pond
Thompson Lake (1)
Thompson Lake - The Heath
Three Mile Pond (2)
Threecornered Pond (1)
Thurston Pond (1)
Tilton Pond (1)
Timoney Lake (1)
Toddy Pond
Togus Pond (6)
Togus Stream
Tolman Pond
Torsey Lake (5)
Trickey Pond
Tripp Lake
Umcolcus Stream (1)
Union River Bay
Unity Pond
Upper Cold Stream Pond (7)
Upper Cranberry Lake
Upper Hot Brook Lake
Upper Lead Mountain Pond
Upper Narrows Pond
Upper Pond (1)
Upper Pug Lake
Upper Range Pond
Upper Sabao Lake
Upper Shin Pond
Upper Sysladobsis Lake
Wabassus Lake (1)
Wadleigh Pond
Wadley Pond
Walden Pond (1)
Wards Pond
Washburn Pond
Watchic Lake
Watson Pond (2)
Webb Cove Pond
Webb Lake
Webber Pond
Weir Pond
Wesserunset Stream
Wesserunsett Lake (1)
West Grand Lake (2)
West Lake (1)
West Musquash Lake (1)
West Pond - York County (1)
West Richardson Pond
Western Lake
Whiting Bay - Atlantic Ocean
Whitney Pond
Whittier Pond
Wilson Lake
Wilson Pond - Franklin County
Wilson Pond - Kennebec County
Winniecook / Unity Lake
Woodbury Pond (1)
Woods Pond
Worthley Pond
Wytopitlock Lake

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