Listhub Integration / Buyer Leads

The Dream Home Network (DHN) is now integrated with Listhub

Buying and Selling Lake, Beach and Golf Real Estate is now easier than ever!

Listing Management for Paid Advertisers

1. NEW and UPDATED listings will be imported and updated every 2-4 hours if your MLS participates with ListHub. Listings that are Waterfront, have a pond, or have a Lake, Beach or Golf VIEW will be pulled from the millions of listings available from ListHub.

2. If you have a, or account, listings will be ADDED to your account when the ListHub Agent Email or Agent phone matches your account's email, phone-1 or phone-2. There are multiple ways to manage the matching, including a match by broker email, broker phone and an additional email address.

4. Listings may be claimed by having purchased a package with the DreamHomeNetwork group of sites. NEW and UPDATED Listings that match your account, will be ADDED to your account with the next run of the feed, which occurs every 2 hours. If it is urgent that your listings be pulled into your account or they did not get added correctly, please call our office at 888-933-5253 or Contact Us by email.

5. Listings will be ADDED to your account until you have reached your ads allowed limit on your advertising package. After your ads allowed limit is reached, listings will be ADDED to your account as INACTIVE ads. If you wish to upgrade your package, you can then activate the inactive ads.

6. If you do not want to use the ListHub listings, you can disable them and manually enter and manage your listings.

7. Your Spotlight ad will continue to display with your listings and will also display with unclaimed ListHub listings that are in the same area (lake, beach city, or golf) as your Spotlight ad.

8. You will have the ability to set the category location (lake, golf course, etc) if it has not already been set, and edit any other information, including Title, Description and photos after the ListHub import has occurred. However (!important), if you choose to edit the information on the listing that originates from ListHub and the MLS, you will be assuming complete management of that listing, including sale status, price updates, etc. and the listing will no longer be updated by the ListHub process. Certain fields that are specific to our website(s), that do not come from ListHub, can be edited without assuming complete management of the listing.

9. All paid advertisers’ listings will be FEATURED and SORT TO THE TOP of search results, above the unclaimed ListHub listings.

10. Programming has been put in place to prevent duplicates, as much as possible, by matching street address and MLS #s. However, data from the MLS may come to us in ways that limit our ability to manage duplicates programmatically. When we receive a (duplicate) listing from ListHub that is already on the site, we will ADD it to your account as an Inactive ad. You will then have the choice of using your original listing or the ListHub provided listing.

For questions regarding our ListHub Feed Program, please call our office at 888-933-5253 or Contact Us by email.

What is ListHub?

ListHub is a listing syndication service, serving more than 66,000 brokerage firms, and synchronizing listing information from over 600 MLS data sources to more than 150+ Real Estate publisher websites. For more information, visit their website

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